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Squash Club Night Is Up and Running Again!


As summer draws to a close and squash starts a return to normality, it's great to announce that our popularSquash Club Night on Tuesday evenings is up and running again!

Some of our members may not be familiar with Club Night: it's a great way to

  • Play all sorts of people of differing levels
  • Find new players with whom you can play at other times
  • Have a pint with friends in the bar afterwards!

Club Night: What's That?
The format is simple: just turn up any time from 6pm onwards, put your name down on the list posted in the viewing gallery and, when it's your turn, play two games with the person on the list above/below you. When done, you can add your name to the list again and wait for your turn to come around again! And so you continue until either you are knackered or the thought of a pint wins! Sometimes there has to be a little juggling around of the playing order just to make sure you play different people.

A few key points:

  • There is no cost
  • It's free to participate for all Club members
  • It's not competitive!
  • The standard of play is not "elite"! Put it this way, the majority of those who play on a Tuesday evening are NOT in the Tattenhall NW Counties League Team. It's a very relaxed evening!
  • Juniors & beginners are very welcome

For further information, either just come along on a Tuesday evening, or WhatsApp Peter on 077 42 89 83 81

We look forward to seeing you!

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